Berlin, 01/27/2021 – In about half of the world’s cancer patients, the prescribed chemotherapy fails. With the Reverse Clinical EngineeringÒtest procedure, ASC Oncology addresses this challenge in cancer treatment and makes scientifically sound statements on how effective, or not, cancer drugs are likely to be on each patient’s individual tumor tissue. Outside the body, no animal testing, without side effects, and before the therapy begins. 

Starting on February 1, 2021, at least 1,000 patients per year will be able to make decisions on their therapy with the help of individual drug tests carried out on 3D organoid models of their respective tumors. 3D cell culture models (PD3DÒ), so-called organoids, which are copies of the patient’s original tumor grown in the laboratory from a tumor sample, form the basis for the Reverse Clinical EngineeringÒ test procedure. Organoids are made up of cell clusters and retain the original tumor’s complex composition. In consultation with the attending oncologist, ASC Oncology uses these to test different cancer drugs and combination treatments in parallel. First results can become available after only two weeks. Depending on the organoids’ growth rate, which is determined by the aggressiveness of the tumor, it takes up to four to six weeks to test every possible therapeutic approach.  ASC Oncology can thus use the pathological and molecular biological data to make science-based predictions on the potential drug’s effectiveness and resistances.

“Information helps people make better decisions – that’s why our goal is to empower patients to make the best possible, informed vital decisions,” explains Christian Regenbrecht, founder of ASC Oncology and developer of the Reverse Clinical EngineeringÒ procedure. “ASC Oncology sees itself as a team player that supports, not replaces, the oncologist with the proposed test procedure.” ASC Oncology is already able to offer affected patients and oncologists today what will presumably be routine in cancer treatment of the future: to adapt each cancer patient’s treatment effectively and personally through individualized medicine. The Reverse Clinical EngineeringÒ procedure spares patients the massive side effects of unnecessary therapy and gains valuable treatment time.

To simplify the service’s complexity, it is offered in three different packages. These differ in the number of tumor tissue pieces processed, the scope of the drugs to be tested, the choice of an additional protein analysis as well as an optional preservation of the tumor cells.  See our various packages and prices here at a glance: As the test procedure is not covered by health insurance, it is offered at cost price and must currently be paid privately by the patients. ASC Oncology has founded the non-profit organization Cancer Rebels e.V. ( to offer cancer patients with limited means various options to receive financial support to allow them to take advantage of the testing procedure and much more. 

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