Would you like to increase your patient’s chances of an effective cancer therapy?

We can support you in selecting the optimal therapy for your patient right from the start.

Molecular genetics and the development of targeted therapies have made great progress to improve cancer patient’s care. Nevertheless, for many tumor types, still too few patients benefit from the results of comprehensive clinical cohort studies.

In order to predict the individual response rate of a patient to a therapy, we generate an organoid cell culture (PD3D®) from a small piece of vital tumor tissue. This allows us to quickly produce a large number of copies of this patient’s tumor in the laboratory and to test different substances and combination treatments for their efficacy in an automated and parallel manner. Our cell culture models reproduce the genotype and phenotype of the original tumor very reliably and have only little in common with established cell lines such as HeLa cells.

The best possible, established care for your patient is of course a priority for us. We only work with tissue samples of which sufficient material is available and that is not required for pathological evaluation.

It is the combination of your clinical experience and our expertise in genomics, phenomics and proteomics that forms the basis for the technique we have developed and described as Reverse Clinical Engineering®. For a deeper scientific insight, please visit ourscience page

Which patients benefit from our test

Our test is suitable for your patient:

Your patient has been diagnosed with a solid tumor (carcinoma or sarcoma).

It is planned to surgically remove the tumor or to take a biopsy.

Your patient will receive a drug therapy.

Our test is not suitable for your patient:

Your patient has been diagnosed with blood cancer (leukemia) or lymphatic gland cancer (lymphoma).

The tumor has already been removed.

The patient should not receive a drug therapy.

How we work together with you

  1. Your patient has asked for our support. We will first send your patient a form to release you from medical confidentiality, so that we are able to talk about your patient’s case with you as a treating physician.
  1. We arrange a telephone call with you to discuss together whether and to what extent our procedure is suitable for your patient. We clarify open questions, explain the further procedure and might already define a reasonable selection of medications to be tested.
  1. We create an online access to our doctor’s portal for you, here you will find all the necessary documents such as the patient information consent or a form for substance selection. You can also check the current status of our test for your patient at any time. Please note: Our doctor’s portal will only be available shortly. Until then, we send our forms and reports encrypted by email. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest developments.
  1. We send our sample tubes directly to your patient, who then takes them to the doctor’s office or clinic for tissue taking. The shipping box contains instructions on the correct use of the sterile sample tubes.
  1. During the planned tumor surgery or biopsy, the surgical team will place a small piece of the freshly removed tissue in our sample tube. The order for sample collection by our express courier service is made by the surgeon through our portal.
  1. You will receive an email from us as soon as we have the results and the report is available for download from the portal.
  1. On request, we will be happy to discuss the results with you before you make an appointment with your patient for the test evaluation.

Power of the ASC test

Our approach – Reverse Clinical Engineering®

With Reverse Clinical Engineering®, ASC Oncology has developed a method that starts before medical cancer therapy:

We use a patient’s fresh tumor tissue and propagate it in in our laboratories as a cell culture. The so-called tumor organoids or PD3D® cell cultures cultivated in that way serve as small images of the original tumor. We use them to test various medications and combinations to identify substances that are highly likely to affect this individual tumor. In addition, our test shows which drugs are likely to be ineffective, a valuable information that saves side effects of unnecessary therapies.

Studies confirm that our test method correctly predicts the efficacy of drugs for a particular patient in around 88 % of cases and the ineffectiveness in up to 100 % of cases, thereby significantly prolonging disease-free survival.


There are no additional costs for you. Sample shipping and report evaluation can be charged to statutory health insurers, for more details please see theFAQ.

Integration into clinical processes

Are you interested in a regular partnership with us? Please contact us and we will be happy to explain how we can integrate our service into your daily clinical life. We already work successfully together with hospitals in Germany and abroad.

Do you have any questions?

Please have a look at ourFAQ. If you have any questions about the possibilities and opportunities of our test, please contact us directly. For this you might use our webform and arrange a telephone call.