Every year, European healthcare providers and insurers spend billions of Euros on ineffective chemotherapies that do not benefit the patients. With our proprietary Reverse Clinical Engineering® technology, we from ASC Oncology can support patients and physicians to ensure a better and more effective treatment for each individual patient.

ASC Oncology

We founded ASC Oncology to address one of the most pressing challenges in modern oncology: providing patients with the right therapy at the right time.

Chemotherapy fails for around half of the world’s cancer patients. Therapy-resistant tumors are responsible for the majority of cancer deaths and burden healthcare systems considerably.

With approximately 14 million new cancer cases worldwide every year, the successful treatment of cancer patients through individualised therapies has enormous potential. ASC Oncology seeks to identify the best possible chemotherapy for each patient and rule out those which will probably prove to be ineffective.

„We believe that the ASC Oncology approach will significantly enhance patient treatment, now and in the future. The revolutionary impact of our service will transform the field in a way similar to the digitalization of the music industry.“

Dr Christian Regenbrecht
Managing director, ASC Oncology GmbH

Management Team

Christian RA Regenbrecht
Managing director

Biologist, PhD
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Quirin Graf Adelmann v. A.
Managing director

Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Maxine Silvestrov
Operations Manager

Biotechnologist, MSc MBA
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Other associates

Gerrit Erdmann
Laboratory Manager NMI-TT Berlin

Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Thomas Joos
Deputy director NMI Reutlingen

Biochemist, PhD
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Katja Rösslein
Administration Manager NMI

Magistra Artium
Representative of the NMI at ASC GmbH

Christoph Sachse
Senior Director Business Development
Nuvisan Innovation Campus Buch

Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Philipp Ströbel
Director of the Pathology Institute, Georg-August University Göttingen

Pathologist, Prof. Dr. med.
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Christoph Reinhard
Pharma expert

translational cancer research

Markus Templin
Inventor of the DigiWest technology

Biologist, PhD
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH