Who we are

ASC Oncology was founded in 2019 by nine leading scientists in the fields of pathology, tumor biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology to address one of the most important challenges in modern oncology: Providing patients with the right therapy at the right time. ASC Oncology offers patients and their treating physicians Reverse Clinical Engineering®, a cutting-edge technology designed to bridge the gap between current cancer research and clinical practice.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish precision medicine as the standard in modern cancer therapy. Personalized therapy plans must become the rule. Among others, patients should receive treatment that is optimally tailored to them by use of the Reverse Clinical Engineering® test procedure. It is our common goal, and that of society and medicine, that no patient should die prematurely and avoidably from cancer. We are committed to this ‚Vision Zero‘ with our work. The focus is always on the patient, who is informed and involved in the treatment decision on an equal footing.

Our values

The urge for constant improvement
We are not satisfied with the status quo, because we want to achieve more for patients, doctors and society. By having the courage to rethink oncology, we want to advance and develop the care of people in terms of modern precision medicine.
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Committed to accuracy
As a team of scientists and physicians, we act according to the highest quality standards and to the best of our knowledge and conscience. This also includes the careful documentation of data that serve to gain knowledge and can be particularly sensitive. Therefore, we work extremely precisely - both scientifically and in the area of data protection.
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Achieving more together
A lot can be achieved as a community. We want to bring people from different disciplines together to drive change and promote the empowerment of all participants. Diversity brings together the strength and passion of individuals who, when combined, can contribute to the achievement of ambitious goals.
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Our history and outlook

After developing the test procedure, Dr. Regenbrecht initially founded CELLphenomics GmbH together with Graf Adelmann in 2014. The company makes PD3D® cell culture-based services available for drug development and research.

In order to be able to offer the test procedure directly to physicians and patients as part of personalized medicine, ASC Oncology was founded in 2019. This was followed in 2021 by ASC Oncology Schweiz AG, the first sister company in Switzerland. A second laboratory is currently under construction in London, United Kingdom, and further outposts are planned in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Manipal, India.


Christian RA Regenbrecht
Managing Director

Biologist, PhD
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Quirin Graf Adelmann v. A.
Managing Director

Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Manuela Regenbrecht
Chief Medical Officer


Aline Freifrau von Godin
Business Development

Business Administrator, BSc

About Christian Regenbrecht

Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, developer of Reverse Clinical Engineering®, works with organoids in the field of systems medicine tumor research. He studied biology and philosophy at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn and received his doctorate in 2005 under Otmar Wiestler at the University Hospital in Bonn. He then became a research associate with Hans Lehrach at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. He moved with his research group to the Charité in Berlin in 2010, where he headed the „Tumor Stem Cells“ research group at the Institute of Pathology until 2016, as well as the Charité’s central laboratory for functional genome research from 2012 to 2014. In addition to his work as CEO of CELLphenomics and ASC Oncology, he is a habilitand at the University Medical Center Göttingen since 2021.

„The diagnosis of cancer never affects only the patient himself; the disease also shocks and affects family and friends. In my family, my grandmother died of cancer. Therefore, my commitment to cancer patients is also shaped by my experience as a relative.“

Dr. Christian Regenbrecht
Managing Director ASC Oncology GmbH

Your contact persons

Sabine Finkler
Clinical Liaison Managerin

Chemist, Dr. rer. nat.

Larissa Ruhe
Clinical Liaison Managerin

Molecular biologist, Dr. rer. nat.

Advisory Board

Angela Brand
Prof. Dr. med.

Full Professor at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML)
Adjunct Professor at the School of Life Sciences, Manipal University, India
Professorial Fellow at the Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology
Director of the European Centre for Public Health Genomics (ECPHG)

Maastricht Wirtschafts- und Sozialforschungs-institut für Innovation und Technologie,
Professorin an der School of Life Science Manipal Universität

Saskia Biskup
Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat.

Co-founder of CeGaT GmbH
Own practice for human genetics in Tübingen


Bettina Ryll
Dr. med. Dr. rer.nat.

Chair of the ESMO Patient Advocates Working Group
Founder of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe 
Cancer Mission board member at European Commission


Till Willebrand

Senior Company Manager Healthcare Industry at Berliner Sparkasse

Other associates

Michael Bitzer
Shareholder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Dr. med.
Senior Advisor

Christoph Reinhard
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Dr. rer. nat.
Pharma Expert Translational Cancer Researcrte

Christoph Sachse
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Dr. rer. nat.
VP Business Development
Nuvisan Innovation Campus Berlin

Philipp Ströbel
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Pathologist, Prof. Dr. med.
Director of the Pathology Institute, Georg-August University Göttingen

Markus Templin
Co-founder of ASC Oncology GmbH

Biologist, Dr. rer. nat.
Inventor of the DigiWest Technology

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