Test options before starting your treatment. In the lab. Without side effects.

Benefits of Reverse Clinical Engineering®

Requirements for the Reverse Clinical Engineering®

The Reverse Clinical Engineering® test procedure can be used to determine the optimal drug therapy for patients with malignant solid tumors. This requires fresh tissue from a biopsy or resection. The procedure cannot be applied to blood cancers (leukemias) or lymphatic cancers (lymphomas).

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How does Reverse Clinical Engineering® work?

We test anticancer therapies on your own tumor cells.
We aim to find your cancer’s specific Achilles’ heel.
Robots allow us to test hundreds of drugs in parallel – rapidly and accurately.
The data from your tumor is carefully analyzed and presented in a readily comprehensible way.
Add-on options, such as sequencing or proteomic analysis, can further reinforce the treatment strategy.

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Matthias K.
Cancer patient

In addition to treatment options, ASC Oncology provided me with optimal support during a time of uncertainty and gave me new perspectives on my life with the disease. My oncologist implemented the recommended medication – with success!

Professor Tony Ng
King’s College London & University College London Cancer Institute

This new method by ASC Oncology’s effectively makes cancer patient care better than anything medicine has known before. The personalized approach significantly increases each patient’s quality of life and, at the same time, their chance of survival. From the outset, we as oncologists can avoid using ineffective drugs for our patients and directly recommend the most promising therapy.