Knowing what is going to work:
Find the optimal treatment for your cancer

Each tumor is individual. Some therapies work, others don’t. We increase your chances and test in advance which drugs will work. For your successful cancer therapy.

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Did you know that …?

…only about half of all patients benefit from the prescribed therapy?
ASC supports you in your fight against cancer by testing a fresh tissue sample of your tumor to determine the best possible treatments thereby ameliorating the side effects of ineffective therapies. With our support, you can make an active and informed decision.

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Dr. Reinhold Schäfer
Senior professor for molecular tumor pathology, Charité

„ASC’s novel method effectively makes cancer patient care better than anything medicine has known before. The personalized approach significantly improves quality of life and the chances of survival for each individual patient. As oncologists, we can rule out ineffective therapies and recommend the appropriate therapy right from the beginning.“

Maria Giese
36 years, Potsdam

„I promised to give one’s eye teeth to fight my cancer – for myself and my family. By testing my tumor tissue in the laboratory, ASC was able to determine which drug was really working for me. The recommendation was used by my oncologist – with success!“

The ASC procedure in 7 steps

From diagnosis to treatment

With the ASC method, several drugs and drug combinations can be tested in the laboratory for their effect on a patient’s tumor. This highly personal approach increases the chances of an effective treatment right from the start and is also reflected in our name: ASC stands for “Advanced Standard of Care”.

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In a personal interview, we clarify if and in which way the ASC procedure is suitable for you or your relative.

Consultation with your oncologist

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Our evaluation requires teamwork between the patient, treating doctors and ASC. That is why we are discussing how to proceed with your oncologist.

Obtaining a tissue sample

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For the test we need a small amount of fresh tumor tissue that will be taken from you during a planned tumor operation or biopsy. This step is usually independent of the ASC test and therefore does not require any additional intervention. We take care of the safe and immediate transport to our laboratory.

Laboratory test at ASC

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We expand your tumor cells in the laboratory and automatedly test all considered drugs and drug combinations for you in a short time.

Review of the data

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After the tests are performed, we evaluate the data using modern software and create an efficacy profile of your tumor for each drug tested.

Individual report

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The results are encrypted and transmitted to your oncologist in compliance with European data protection regulations. This gives him or her a valid basis for decision-making regarding the selection of the best possible therapy for you.

Consensus decision

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Your oncologist will discuss our results with you. Together with him or her you decide which therapy option is best for you.


ASC’s “Reverse Clinical Engineering®” procedure starts before your chemotherapy and sorts out all cancer drugs that do not affect your tumor. In parallel, drugs that are most likely effective are named. As a patient, you will receive the optimal cancer drug right from the beginning. This gives you the best chance of treating your tumor effectively and overcoming your illness.


ASC’s innovative method is increasingly finding its way into the clinical care of cancer patients. The results of clinical studies on various types of cancer have shown that patients benefit in many ways. We are already working with oncologists and hospitals in Germany and around the world.

Common questions

What distinguishes Reverse Clinical Engineering® from other providers?

We go one step further. Whilst a gene analysis only examines the template for a cell’s behaviour, we investigate the tumour’s biological reality.

What are the advantages of the ASC Oncology approach for patients?

Cancer is a highly individual disease. Every patient reacts differently to a chemotherapy, but their reaction is only revealed during its course. If the patient’s tumour does not react to a drug, an alternative substance has to be identified quickly which effect also has to be proven during the therapy process. So conventional approaches rely to a certain extent on a measure of trial and error. All this takes time, during which the cancer continues to grow. Our Reverse Clinical Engineering procedure starts before chemotherapy begins, eliminating all the drugs which will not be effective and identifying those which have a high probability of being effective. This means that patients are prescribed the drugs which promise the best chances of success right from the beginning.

Do the tests provided by ASC Oncology actually increase chances of recovery?

Yes. Receiving the most suitable medicine at the earliest point of disease increases your chances of a recovery.

How does the ASC Oncology test procedure work?

Your treating physician takes a biopsy of the cancerous tissue and sends it directly to us. We grow the tumour cells in the laboratory to so-called tumour organoids, on which we can test a great variety, thereby finding the most suitable cancer drug for your tumour. Our results provide your physicians with the information that they need to develop a personalized tumour therapy with significantly higher chances of success compared to classical guideline-based therapies.

Does the test require additional interventions?

If you decide from the beginning on a test with ASC Oncology, a biopsy is sufficient. A tissue sample can easily be obtained during an already scheduled tumour operation.

My tumour has already been removed. Can I still undergo the test?

No. We cannot perform any tests without cancer tissue. However, if the cancer should spread again, a test can be performed.

I am very satisfied with the performance of my physician. Why should I commission these tests?

Even the best physician is unable to predict if a treatment will be successful. The test from ASC Oncology however increases your chances significantly for receiving the most effective chemotherapy from the outset.

Who is ASC Oncology and what expertise do we have?

ASC Oncology was founded by leading Pathologists, Biologists, Biochemists, Biotechnologists and Tumour biologists. Working together with lawyers and business data processing specialists, we are a Team that is dedicated to fighting cancer and promoting personalized tumour therapy to ensure that every patient receives the optimal chemotherapy.

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